10 Best Ideas to Increase and Maintain Long Life of Mobiles

Long Life of Mobiles

Buying a smartphone is an extremely expensive endeavor, especially if you are trying to get one with great quality and trusted brand name. Not everything is as easy-a-fix as Phone Glass Repair but there are steps that you can take to increase the longevity of your smartphone. It is not rocket science and is very much done all you need to do is keep in mind a few facts that could change a few things that you do for the better.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Don’t Be Hoarders:

When it comes to phones we basically become hoarders. Hoarding is not the most enticing feature for anyone while people do donate things that they do not use for a long time but the same cannot be said for the pics and apps in your mobile. Excess pictures and applications can chip away your RAM storage and makes your phones less responsive. Delete those unnecessary pictures, text messages and applications now!

Hail The Great Protector:

Accidents can happen just about any time and the first thing that showcases the loss that you face is your smartphone screen. While a Phone Glass Repair is an easy fix it does set you back a couple of hundreds, consecutively. The best way to ensure that does not happen is to invest in a tempered glass protector.

Protect the Body:

While hiring a bodyguard is out of the question for your phone but getting a sturdy phone case would do the trick and you would have a new looking smartphone in your hand. This certainly would give your smartphone a great resale value when you decide to upgrade it.

Say No To Software Updates:

And you would receive a ton of them! Just keep saying no to them as it may affect the performances of your smartphone. It is ok to do up to 2 updates as the newer models are capable of running more efficiently with a few updates but too much of a good thing is not good. Newer updates often slow down your mobile which does not have the right hardware for the software updates and also ages your phone in the process.

Power of Switching Off:

After your work gets done you always switch off the computer because it is good for it but the same curtsy is not extended towards your smartphone. The modern smartphones are no less than computers hence switching it off for a few minutes once or twice a well would help you retain the phone life.

Frequently Charged Phone:

While charging it your phone all around the clock might lead to overheating it and issue a decrease in the phone battery life. The best way to counter it charge for 10-15 minutes on a frequent basis rather than charging the phone in one go. Research has shown that it is the best way to increase the longevity of the delicate device in your hand.

No Phone Exercise:

Yes, we do understand the importance of keeping your phone on you but keeping it on you while you are stretching yourself to the limit to lose those extra pounds is purely insane. The main reason behind it is you sweat profusely while you exercise and the sweat can penetrate through your mobile case and damage the hardware within. Rather than paying an expert to change it just keep it in a locker while you work hard to get in shape.

Secure The Drive Board:

Yes, we understand that your phone is a great navigation device but to put your phone in a hazardous position that may just put you in a perilous one. Install a great phone casing in your car to ensure a safe place for your phone.

Virus Alert:

Not everything that is free is good for you! Just because you can download a song or a movie free from a site online does not mean that you should. While a Phone Glass Repair is an easy fix it does not mean that everything is as easily fixable. Keeping in mind that is important as avoid it would lead you to frequent change of the smartphones which is not really a cheap endeavor.

Cloud Storage

Becoming up-to-date with modern amenities is always a great idea and investing in the cloud would not only increase in your storage space but also enhance the performance of your smartphone. Please remember that storage hampers performance with the presence of your mobile. By keeping it all in the cloud not only would you be able to keep your mobile storage free and also work as a backup for your all important data.


Not everything is as easy as Phone Glass Repair but by following the above mentioned points you would be able to keep your smartphone in the best condition for a longer time period.

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