Superb Review of Toyota Yaris GRMN

Um, it’s a 26 grand Toyota Yaris… It’s also a completely sold out 26 grand Toyota Yaris, making any qualms you have about its price kind of null and void. It’s also a car whose ethos needs celebrating. Toyota was among a number of carmakers seemingly dropping performance cars a decade ago, as an economy crisis (and increasingly stringent emissions rules) put lots of manufacturers off making fast stuff entirely. The Yaris GRMN is a car that would never have made sense back then, but an increasingly strident hot hatchback market seems…

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Look for E85 BMW Z4 M Before Purchasing

BMW Z4 hitweel

With a brand new BMW Z4 coming out this year, the second-hand Z4 market is bound to get a relapse and prices for older models might jump up a bit. The original Z4 is the one to go for as it does come with a lower price tag than any other version out there and there’s a proper M version that was developed by the people in Munich. The Z4 M is, to this day, a quite capable car and using a legendary engine under the hood so you should definitely give…

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