Safe Traveling Tips During Pregnancy

Traveling Tips During Pregnancy

Whether you’re taking a babymoon at the beach or visiting relatives for the holidays, most pregnant women will take at least one trip during the nine-month journey to motherhood. And travel is pretty safe for women with low-risk pregnancies (of course, check with her doctor first – especially if it’s not a low-risk pregnancy). Still, travel while pregnant can be very different than travel before the bump. Between having to use the restroom twice an hour to concerns over early labor, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so she…

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How to Make Free Conference Calls

Conference Calls

You can now host your own conference calls more easily than ever before. Whether you’re working from home, own a small business, or just want to stay in touch with friends and family, there are dozens of free services available to you. Between audio-teleconferencing, screen sharing, video calls, and text chat, we’ll cover some of the best options for you to get started with free conference calling. Most of the applications we’ll cover below provide support for mobile phones, landlines, and VoIP, which essentially means you can call using the…

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