Restaurant Industry in India

Restaurant Industry

India is the fastest developing economy in the world, with the GDP growth estimated to be 7.4% from 2017-18, which is more than double the world average. With the spending power of people on the rise, and influence of the western ways, people nowadays are more inclined to eat out, and not just for parties. Restaurants have adapted the various technological innovations and aggressive marketing strategies learned from the more matured western hospitality industry. Social media also has contributed majorly to the growth of the food industry, with millennial posting…

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7 Reasons Why Digital Strategy Consulting is Important for Your Business

Digital Strategy Consulting

In this era, everything is going digital. It is very difficult to get the mileage of digital services without streamline digital strategy. Just like a ship without a rudder. The digital strategy will allow achieving your digital goals in effective and economic ways. If the company focuses on digital strategy as a marketing strategy, it will definitely make their position in this competitive market. Digital strategy consulting encompasses, however, is not limited to deployment of various online engagement methods, from social media, app management, bulk email promotions to SEO, blogs…

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