5 Tips to Create an Impactful Visiting Card

impactful visiting card

A business card is a tangible information provider for all potential customers. It is that source of marketing technique that remains with the customers and represents your company. It is a very useful traditional marketing technique that is used by people all across the world. People interested can easily contact your company for their needs. One of the most important functions of a visiting card is it makes your brand referable to others. Also, your company’s sales can increase by 2% for every 2000 business cards handed out. Therefore, it totally makes sense to work upon your business card to make it perfect and impactful. In this article, you will get to know about some tips that can help you create an impressive visiting card that represents your business perfectly.

1) Mention every important detail about your company

At times people skip important information in the visiting card. So, make sure you include every important detail like name, contact details and other information. If you skip any of this information, the motive of visiting card will not be fulfilled.

On the contrary, include only relevant and necessary information as your card may look cluttered with too much information on it. Every detail that you plan to include should be well visible and understandable.

2) Card thickness

Yes! This point plays an important role in making a visiting card look appealing. A thick card gives a more expensive look as compared to other thin cards. So, make sure that the average thickness of your card is not less than 300gsm. Otherwise, the card may seem to be of cheap and tacky quality. Even a limp handshake is something no one likes, so why would a limp visiting card look good to them.

3) Decide Colorful or Plain

While making a visiting card, colour is an extremely important thing that makes it look attractive. Use bright colours wisely and only if your business genre is of that sought. People who are involved in designing or creative business must make their visiting card appear eye catchy. On the other hand, people who wish to give a professional look to their business card can use simple and elegant colours. Simple colour combinations like black and white also look appealing. The whole idea is to balance the colours. The font colour should be well blended with the background colour. Now that free visiting card tools like Canva are available online, one can design their visiting card on their own.

4) Incorporate QR Codes   

In case your business is of a niche that requires some important detailed information then this is a must for you. A QR code can be included to provide additional information. This means you can include a lot of information on the card without making it look messy. People think it to be a costly affair but actually, it isn’t at all. You just need to find free QR code generators that are easily available online. People who have websites can redirect the QR code to their business website. Since now you know including a QR code is easy, don’t forget to include it if your business requires.

5) Simplicity is the key

Many business owners wish to experiment and use different material for the card. Undoubtedly, there are multiple options available to choose from. But, one should not get tempted with so many options, rather choose the one that is simple. Too many elements can make people find it turning off. You don’t need to add too many elements to make your business card look classy. At times, a simple design can work wonders for you.

A well organized and attractive card leaves a long-lasting impact on potential customers. I hope this article helped you to create one amazing visiting card for your business. In case of any doubt, do feel free to contact us through the comment section below.

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