7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 Stylish & Last Longing Closet

Last Longing Closet

New Year is the perfect time to come forward with a new look by upgrading your closet. This is why a high proportion of people are focusing on style resolution than common resolutions like losing weight, saving money, or time management.

However, if you are also desperate to ace your style resolution then this post is really going to help you. No matter you are concerned about your work wear or party closet Here is the best New Year style resolution for men and women to kick off 2019 in the right manner.

Focus on Wearing What Is In Trend

When it comes to dressing up appropriately it is crucial to follow the trend. There’s nothing wrong with following trends especially when you are invited to an office or friends event. This year make sure to create a list of the latest trends for men and women to look stylish throughout the year.

Believe it or not, New Year is the right time to update your closet with the latest variety like Hanes 5170. So throw away your old dresses, shoes and enhance your style with trendy items.

Fill Up Your Shelves with Classy Accessories

Believe it or not, accessories are the best part of every closet to look awesome in every event. In the year 2019, ensure to spend a high proportion of your shopping budget on accessories than on dressing.  By wearing only one or two fashionable accessories you could totally upgrade your outfit and enhance your style.

Girls can invest in fashionable jewelry, beautiful scarf or bags to instantly look more stylish. On the other hand, boys can purchase cap, glasses or scarf to stand out from the crowd.

Shop Clothes to Wear In Multiple Occasions

Whether you love to shop or not, it is essential for you to buy clothes which you could wear in more than one occasion. If you have dozens of clothing and accessories which you never wear more than once then this is the right time to utilize it. Make a resolution to avoid wasting your money as well as the new items of your closet.

One of the best options is to incorporate your existing closet items with trendy clothing and accessories. For instance, if you have a jacket in your closet then you can purchase a t-shirt to cover it up nicely. Otherwise, chances are high that you will never wear it again.

Focus On Your Dress Fitting

Normally dress fitting is something we all ignore but this is totally a wrong approach. Be it a skirt, top, cap or jeans, this year ensure to purchase clothing and accessories in appropriate sizes. Do not purchase the dress in too tight sizes as it will look unsophisticated especially when you are going to attend an official event.

By purchasing a too tight or loose dress you will not only waste your money but also feel uncomfortable.  Instead, invest in the appropriate sizes to ultimately feel confident with attire that actually fits.

Start Buying Dresses than Borrowing

If you are among people who love to look cool in borrowed stuff then this year you should make a resolution to start buying than borrowing. It is ok to borrow clothing and accessories sometimes from friends or family member to come up with a unique outfit.

But, borrowing something from someone repeatedly is not a good habit. A great way is to build a budget to stock up your closet with trendy clothing and accessories. This way you will easily get rid of this bad habit unless you are living in shared accommodation.

Buy Dresses from Online Stores Rather Than Big Stores

No doubt department stores and retail outlets are a great option to purchase fashionable clothing and accessories. But online shopping experience is more awesome. There are so many online stores active over the internet that allows people to purchase their desire brand dress without leaving their soft couch.

You just need to type your required item to land on tons of online suppliers that are offering them at unbelievable prices. By shopping online you can save a hefty amount of money as well that you need to spend on transportation and food.

Take Care of Your Closet

This is the best New Year closet resolution you can make at the beginning of 2019. Manage some time every weekend to proper all your clothing item and accessories. In this way, your clothes will look better and last longer without any risk.

According to a recent survey based report, a great number of closet items are damaged and torn out due to lack of attention. Thus pay some special attention to your closet items this year to keep your clothing and accessories look new and fresh. Else you will not only miss a great option to shine like a star but also ruin your money.

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