All You Need To Know About Aftermarket Car Parts And OEM

Car Parts

Owning a car does bring about a lengthy series of responsibilities towards your workhorse that listens to you runs for you. So, when it succumbs to any damage, it would be your turn to give it back the parts that work the best for it. The manufacturer of your car would provide you with the necessary details, while you have to select the right parts from the shop where you decide to repair your car. Now, there would be two basic categories of auto parts to choose from. One would be the OEM (Original Equipment by the Manufacturer), while others would be the Aftermarket Car Parts. Here we would discuss all aftermarket and OEM car parts.

OEM Car Parts

When we stepped into the Temecula Buick GMC dealer, we got more detailed information on the OEM parts. itis the short form of the phrase Original Equipment Manufacturer that is self-explanatory about the origin of the auto parts. We can easily deduce the fact that these parts are made by the same manufacturer, as that of your vehicle. These auto parts do not travel through another car and reach you but comes straight manufacturer and is first used in your car. On the other hand, the Aftermarket car parts are produced by some other manufacturer. These are third party companies who produce car parts typically for all types of the vehicle of different makes and models.

Car Parts

The Benefits of OEM Auto Parts

Here we have jotted down the benefits you get for choosing OEM car parts:


The OEM parts would be always genuine, trustable and long-lasting. As being made by the same manufacturer of your car, the size, pattern, and everything would be flawlessly matching with your car and you can rest assured about the quality of these car parts.


Some OEM products also bring with them warranties that are a guarantee for free replacement if the part is defective.

Less research:

As you trust your brans manufacturer to provide you with a car, you love to drive, you don’t need to check out on its credibility when you are seeking car parts they make for their own models. The disadvantages of OEM car parts are their higher price and being unavailable at times.

The Advantages of Aftermarket Car Parts

While checking out the best Buick GMC dealer near me, I came across an expert who explained that, had there been no good side of aftermarket parts, they wouldn’t b existing around. So what are they?

Car Parts


These auto parts are produced in mass number by different companies, so they are priced at a competitive rate.


The third-party companies are many in numbers, and so are these parts. So there is always an abundance of stock for any car part in the stock of aftermarket product shops. The Disadvantages of Aftermarket car parts though not many are grave at times. The major disadvantage od aftermarket car parts are they being faulty, malfunctioning or not durable enough for longer use. So, if you have a major operative car part to be replaced like safety or engine component, you should not risk it with aftermarket, but smaller accessories like air filter etc. can be replaced by aftermarket products for the time being.

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