7 Techniques to Increase Your Hiring Process

Increase Your Hiring Process

Hiring new talent is an inevitable and critical part of being a business leader, and it’s more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. There are many employer mistakes that might deter candidates, from poorly-crafted job descriptions to lack of communication about applications. However, there are also a few steps you can take that might ease the process and encourage only the best applicants. Here are six tips to improve your hiring process. 1. Build a strong employer brand According to an Office Vibe report, more than 75 percent…

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Best 5 Tips to Do Before Working on Your BMW

Working on Your BMW

Warmer weather is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to get out and start working on all those Bimmer projects you has been putting off through the winter cold and spring rains. Before you start working on your BMW, though, there are a few steps that you should take to make sure you are fully prepared. Here are five things you should do before you even think about working on it. Invest in Jack Stands If you don’t work on cars often, chances are you don’t have access…

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The Top Guidelines to Automatically Back Up the Pictures on your Android

Pictures on your Android

The best camera is the one you have with you, and most of the time that’s going to be your smartphone. You probably capture lots of important moments with your phone, so you also need to make sure you’re keeping those moments backed up. Google Photos/Drive When it comes to all-encompassing picture backups, it’s hard to beat Google Photos. It’s available on both Android and iOS, and offers unlimited photo storage. Like I said, it’s hard to beat. To back up your pictures with Google Photos, you only need to…

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Update Your Galaxy Phone with Samsung Smart Switch

Update Your Galaxy Phone

Samsung’s Smart Switch is a unique tool for transferring data from an old device to your new Galaxy phone, but it also offers a way to update your phone quickly and easily. Here’s how. What is Smart Switch? Smart Switch is Samsung’s tool for quickly and easily transitioning from an old phone—be it Android, Windows Phone, or even an iPhone. It helps users bring all their important data from an old phone to their new Galaxy handset. It’s available as an Android app for direct Android-to-Android transfers, but the PC…

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What You Need to Know about Small Business and Service Animals

Service Animals

Businesses from airlines to restaurants to taxis are finding themselves in hot water due to their lack of understanding the rules governing service and emotional support animals. It’s important that organizations – and especially, small businesses – know when and how to accommodate people with service animals to ensure that everyone has the safest and most pleasant experience with your company as possible. Service Animals According to the Department of Justice, service animals are classified, as a dog – and vary rarely, a miniature horse – that has been “individually…

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Fast-Track Your Top Papua New Guinea experiences

Guinea experiences

A remote and still relatively undiscovered destination, Papua New Guinea is one of the few places left in the world where you can truly go off the beaten track. Whether you’re trekking in remote mountain ranges, searching for the elusive bird of paradise in cloud forests or travelling to off-the-grid villages to get to know some 750 tribes who call PNG their home, you are likely to have the country’s wanders mostly to yourself. Journeying along the Sepik Imagine making your way along Papua New Guinea’s mightiest river by motorised…

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Influencer Marketing 101 : 11 Benefits for Your Small Business

influencer marketing

As you scroll through your social media feeds, you may have noticed people with large followings promoting products or brands. They could be celebrities or just everyday people with a few thousand followers. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an influencer ultimately uses their authority, expertise and/or position in an engaging, authentic way to affect how their audience purchases items. Often, influencers have a niche, such as street fashion, paleo food or natural beauty products. “Influencer marketing is a low-cost way to get a brand in front of new eyes,” explained Lindsay Patton-Carson, vice president…

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Superb Review of Toyota Yaris GRMN

Um, it’s a 26 grand Toyota Yaris… It’s also a completely sold out 26 grand Toyota Yaris, making any qualms you have about its price kind of null and void. It’s also a car whose ethos needs celebrating. Toyota was among a number of carmakers seemingly dropping performance cars a decade ago, as an economy crisis (and increasingly stringent emissions rules) put lots of manufacturers off making fast stuff entirely. The Yaris GRMN is a car that would never have made sense back then, but an increasingly strident hot hatchback market seems…

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Look for E85 BMW Z4 M Before Purchasing

BMW Z4 hitweel

With a brand new BMW Z4 coming out this year, the second-hand Z4 market is bound to get a relapse and prices for older models might jump up a bit. The original Z4 is the one to go for as it does come with a lower price tag than any other version out there and there’s a proper M version that was developed by the people in Munich. The Z4 M is, to this day, a quite capable car and using a legendary engine under the hood so you should definitely give…

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The BMW X2 Car Express Drives

This new BMW X2 has been dividing enthusiasts since its debut. There are many that feel it’s a travesty, as it just adds another front-wheel drive based crossover to the lineup. Though others find it refreshing and interesting. Personally, I’m in the latter camp, as I feel it’s actually a good little car that should be given a chance by many enthusiasts. It seems that Auto Express is also in the group, as they seem to think it’s also a surprisingly good car. In this latest review, Auto Express rates…

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