Best Creative Ideas for Funny Bumper Stickers

Funny Bumper Stickers

Buying a car would mean that you now would not have to depend on anyone for public transportation to reach anywhere and that you would always be on time is an added benefit. Bumper stickers, with short and witty messages stuck to the rear end of the car, were in use for a long time. They are out there so that people from other cars can read it. Many custom bumper stickers are used to advertise for a certain sports team or have a humorous quotation scribbled on them.

Many people state their personal affiliation through the bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are also the best way to advertise for businesses. This way more people will be able to know about a specific business as the car with this sticker drives around town. People, who are accompanying the driver, have limited things to do while they are riding the car and are thus free to read these stickers.

While having a car gives you personal freedom to go just about anywhere you want to go at any time of the day, decorating a car would create your own personal space. The custom bumper stickers would give you the opportunity to get your own space in the nicest way possible. But most people only put something at the end of their bumper because they want their car rear end to come across as witty.

Here are a few of the wackiest bumper stickers that would help you achieve it –

  • Manga Car wraps – Nothing beats the doe eyes Manga characters mesmerizing all with their colorful costumes and innocent looks are quite a hit among teenagers.
  • The hilarious dinosaur stickers – Nothing beats the hilarity of a dinosaur eating the car behind. If the sticker is done with 3D technology can even scare the driver of the next car with relative ease, on a dark night or broad daylight.
  • The cheeky car decals – Messages are extremely fashionable behind the cars and the ones that are witty bring a smile to the face of the most critical people.
  • Bold Sci-fi Decals – Who does not love pics of E.T. or Robocop or Star Wars to stare at their faces from the car before them! If you are a fan of the genre then finding people who are like-minded with ease.
  • Creepy peek-a-boo decals – It is a favorite with suspicious eyes lifting corners of the rear end and peaking out. It is creepy and perfect for one who loves Halloween.
  • Cute Cartoon decals – Who does not love Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck? For the lovers of carrot munching or money loving character, there are adhesives that depict your love in the same way.
  • Infections decal cartoons – The germs dancing around the rear end in one of the best ways to get freak out the strongest heart. With 3D effect, you can even give it the effect that you, so desire.
  • Insulting car decals – What is life if you do not get to insult a few people? If you share the same belief then these stickers are just for you.
  • Mood changing 3D decals – You are sad and now, you are not anymore. If there is anything that reflects your ever-changing moods it is there stickers of animals with happy and sad faces.
  • Sound volume car decals – If you are a music lover then the one thing that would be able to showcase your solidarity more than anything else is this. The volume depicting decal are the ones that can showcase your love for the universal music rather than a specific group.


The stickers are the best décor for your car and if the cost is what is stopping you then fear not as they are not at all costly. The custom bumper stickers are not that expensive and you can even give them in bulk to give them out to your friends, as well. Having the same sticker would give them a sense of solidarity and the low cost would make it possible for you to do it.

If you are someone who wishes to be popular among your group then it is the best way to do so.

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