Cannot Find Your Car Keys? Don’t Worry, Here’s How You Can Replace Them?

If you’re unable to find your car keys, the best possible reaction is to not panic, by investing in a key replacement policy that helps you get one as soon as you cannot find yours, without additional hassle.

Keys are one of those things which often get lost due to their small size. It is quite common among people to lose their car keys. However, losing your car keys can be a problem because the replacements are often costly, and hard to avail. This is only natural, as keys are the primary mode defense against car thieves. It is here that a key replacement policy becomes useful. These policies help one to replace their car keys without much cost. This article describes the various ways one can retrieve their lost car keys including key replacement policies.

  1. Checking the terms of your Car Insurance Policy:

In a lot of policies, key replacement cover is a part of one’s car insurance policy. The car insurance policy ensures that the buyer is insured against the loss of keys. They cover the costs of getting a new key from the company itself. In some car insurance policies however, the key replacement plan comes as an add-on feature. The buyer can avail this add-on feature through the payment of some extra premium. So, it is necessary for a buyer to check the terms of their car insurance policy to ensure that they are covered for the loss of car keys.

  1. Buy Key Replacement Policy:

There are also some solo key replacement plans available in the market. The buyer can buy insurance just for their keys. These plans are generally more elaborate than the key replacement cover provided by the car insurance policies. First of all, they ensure that the person’s key is replaced within 2-5 working days, and the sum assured by these policies is up to twenty-five thousand rupees. Furthermore, they also provide the buyer with a replacement car for the period that they don’t have keys, so that they are not stranded. This is more elaborate and beneficial than simple car insurance policy add-ons. These plans are specifically designed for the purpose of loss of keys. So, in the event that your car insurance policy does not cover key replacement, you can avail the services of one of these key replacement policies.

  1. Breakdown services:

One of the most common manners in which people lose their car keys is by locking the car keys inside the car. This does not require the replacement of said keys, just someone to breakdown the car doors so that the person can get their car keys from inside the car. It is here that breakdown services come in. The cost of calling breakdown services is also covered by certain car insurance policies. They are also covered in a key replacement plan. These plans not only provide you with the contact details of various breakdown services near you but also cover the cost of said services. Thus, it is necessary that you choose a car insurance policy, or key replacement policy, that covers the cost of breakdown services.

  1. Buying a New Set of Car Keys:

The most expensive option for someone who has lost their car keys is buying a new set of car keys. Car keys are very costly and can cost up to thirty to forty thousand rupees or even more depending on the model of one’s car. However, they are very easy to come by. One can buy replacement car keys simply contacting their car dealer. It takes about five to ten working days to get the new set of keys.

Thus, it can be said that key replacement plans are a must buy because they cover a lot of costs that you might have to pay in case of the loss of your keys.

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