8 Useful Tips When Buying An Audi

Buying An Audi

Are you thinking about buying an Audi? Are you looking to join the ranks of Audi drivers who are proud to have all of the prestige which comes with driving this type of status symbol car to work and at the weekend?  Buying an Audi is often seen as a symbol of success thanks to the premium quality associated with this brand. It’s a demonstration of career success and can be seen by the owners as a badge of personal achievement. We have compiled a number of other elements which…

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Does Hyundai Provide The Best Shopper Assurance?

Shopper Assurance

Car purchase has never been that smooth a process even a few years before. Shopper Assurance But today, with the introduction of online business and customer care interaction, it has become a breeze. Though this procedure is now common with almost every car manufacturer, there are few stalwarts like Hyundai, who wants to make their customers happier. Hence, they have introduced the scheme of Hyundai Shopper Assurance in which every step of a car purchase has been simplified even further making the entire process of it as enjoyable as you…

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2018 Dodge Challenger GT Review

2018 Dodge Challenger GT

The Dodge Challenger GT is a car that probably came about due to hesitation from General Motors and Ford. So far, the two biggest of the American Big Three have yet to stick all-wheel drive into their pony cars. It’s not hard to imagine a few FCA higher-ups sitting around one day in early 2016 saying, “Chevy and Ford haven’t done an all-wheel-drive Camaro or Mustang yet, might as well do something like that,” before setting to work on what was assuredly the most straightforward research and development process the…

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Isuzu D-MAX Dual Cab Ute Finalist

Isuzu D-MAX

Better known for its trucks, Isuzu also has a vibrant and popular off-road range built around the D-Max ute. Ruggedness and reliability have long been hallmarks of the Japanese brand, which takes its utes seriously. The D-Max employs a truck-based engine and simple but honest design that’s about getting the job done rather than standing out from the crowd. What does it cost? At $46,000 for the SX auto, the D-Max is towards the more affordable end of the dual-cab 4×4 segment. For that, you get the same basic mechanical…

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2018 Lincoln Continental Reviews

Lincoln Continental

If the name Continental conjures up memories of the soft-riding luxobarge that was phased out in the early 2000s, then your expectations of this modern-day revival are already set. The Lincoln Continental’s relaxed driving demeanour, restrained styling, and luxuriously appointed cabin make it a pleasant car, one that evokes the traditional American luxury sedans of the past. Unfortunately, it has several rough edges: Many of its interior switches are shared with downmarket Ford products, its on-road dynamics range from unrefined to uninspired, and none of its available V-6 engines is…

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Ford Focus, Reviews and Pictures

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been a best-seller in the UK for many years, and the latest generation is even better. Unveiled in 2011, it was heavily updated in 2014, bringing some new engines, a new front grille, and a higher-quality interior. The Focus isn’t perfect – while the latest car is more refined and better built than those that have gone before, it’s lost some of the handling sparkles that defined the original as one of the best cars in its class. It still offers a great blend of ride…

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Infiniti Q50 Reviews And Information

Infiniti Q50

Overview What is it? You might not be familiar with Infiniti because it’s newish to Britain and has few dealers. It’s Nissan’s posh brand – the same relationship as Lexus has to Toyota. It’s also got its name on the side of the all-conquering Red Bull F1 team if that makes you take it more seriously. The Q50 is a mid-size rear-drive saloon, and the mainstream version has just the specification to rake on the established and obvious rivals including the BMW 320d and Mercedes C220. It uses a four-cylinder…

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Land Rover 2018 Reviews

Land Rover

How Much Does the Land Rover Range Rover Cost? The Land Rover Range Rover’s base price is a bit above $87,000, which is a lot of money even by luxury large SUV standards. Only a couple of class rivals have higher starting prices, while several have base prices in the $70,000s or lower. In its higher trims, the Range Rover can get really expensive. Higher trims feature much stronger (and more expensive) engines, and they’re also available in a long-wheelbase model, which further ups the price. Put it all together,…

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2019 Aston Martin DB11 Reviews

2019 Aston Martin

There’s a crackling rush from the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 AMR’s 630-hp V-12 engine as it hurtles from corner to corner like a glossy, art-deco bullet. In supplanting the previous non-AMR DB11 V-12 coupe, the addition of the Aston Martin Racing suffix to this sleek two-plus-two’s name denotes its status as the new zenith of the DB11 lineup, a designation the British brand intends to affix to the top of each of its model lines going forward. But the AMR is no brazen track-day warrior—such distinction is reserved for Aston’s…

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2019 Lexus ES Review And Known Facts About Lexus

2019 Lexus ES

Fast Facts: Redesigned for 2019 Shares a platform and powertrains with the Toyota Avalon Longer, lower, wider, and larger than ever on the inside ES 350 and ES 300h models return New F Sport trim for the ES 350 3.5-litre V6 in ES 350 makes 302 horsepower Hybrid powertrain in ES 300h expected to get 44 mpg New safety and infotainment systems On sale in September 2018 Introduction: Lexus wants you to want the redesigned 2019 ES. As in: “I’ve gotta drive this thing, and I’ve gotta park it where…

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