Why is Venice, a tourist’s heaven?


Globally recognized as one of the most beautiful places to visit for a romantic vacation, visiting Venice is nothing short of an enchanting experience. But confining it to a “romantic destination” label won’t do justice with all the other magnificent things that one can enjoy in this glorious city. Venice is one of the most prominent producers of world-class wines such as Prosecco, Valpolicella.  And you cannot possibly ignore the rich culture, artistic, architectural and musical heritage. How can we even forget the exceptionally talented and influential figures born in…

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Let Goa Happen To You This Monsoon!


“The tan fades, but the memories remain”-The quintessential sunbathing scenes at the beaches can pretty much be maneuvered if you visit Goa in the monsoons. Nope, it’s not at all the messy rains that you get to witness in the city monsoon scenes. In fact, it’s the absolute romantic and aesthetic backdrop to rejuvenate your relationships and your long-drowned-in-the-city-chaos soul. Also, the watersports like jet ski in Goa are never to be missed. So, here we are highlighting a handful of things that you should look forward to and for…

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Top Rajasthan Destinations Loved by International Travelers

Rajasthan Destinations

Among the different states of the country, Rajasthan is an important state chosen by international tourists as well as local ones. Amidst the attractions in the state, a few destinations are usually chosen by international tourists. Are you looking for a vacation in Rajasthan Destinations? Here are the top international tourist destinations in Rajasthan, which you ought to visit. Jaisalmer Camel safari in the sand dunes, camping in the middle of the desert, enjoying fire dance or belly dance, desert adventure activity and the list of Jaisalmer attractions goes on…

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Magnificent Historical Forts in Rajasthan

Historical Forts

Rajasthan has charmed and wonderful past because of its imperial history. It has been home to numerous rulers and a considerable lot of the kingdoms have been fallen into carnage to pick up control and to manage over the kingdom for a different reason. Historical Forts Because of this Rajasthan have numerous posts which have been changed over to a rich resort. These resorts have numerous offices and give the essence of sovereignty and live like extra large to the visitor from everywhere throughout the world and give them a…

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Tips That Can Help You Plan Travel Budget For Your Trip


Even those who find it tough to leave the comfort of their homes want to travel at some stage in their life. People want to visit the alien lands in pursuit of finding themselves or exploring something new in life. One thing that bars people from pursuing their goal of going to the distant places is the limited monetary resources. Of course, they need to have enough money to pay for transportation, accommodation, and food Budget constraints never prove to be a limit in the face of passion. So, it…

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Travel Outfits To Take Your Style Up A Notch

Travel Outfits

In this Mediacom Bundles compiled blog post, I’ll teach you how to ‘play’ with different and unorthodox clothing choices to completely revamp your style – and appear uniquely fabulous on all occasionsClothes are powerful statement-makers. They have a complete personality of their own to offer to their wearers. And they send strong yet silent messages to their observers. These ‘messages’ can be both positive and negative; depending on the situation. The importance of clothing becomes, even more, pressing where traveling to other cultures is concerned. Online sites like travelfashiongirl.com and Trip Advisor,…

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Blasting Entertainment In The Amazing Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle tour is the best sought-after tours in India and traveler could get the complete experience in the vast cultural diversity of the country. Agra:  Agra is the historical place in 200 km south of New Delhi, Many years ago, it is the powerful Mughal capital of important city of India. Agra’s many timeless architectural wonders are the best place of Agra Fort and sprawling Sikandara. Built of Agra Fort are the famous sights of Agra other Taj Mahal is golden triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur tour Taj Mahal: Taj…

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Visit the Temple Town of India Bhubaneswar

Visit the Temple Town of India Bhubaneswar

Visit the Temple Town of India, Bhubaneswar, and Marvel at the Sights That Stand In Front Of You Tagged as the ‘Temple town of India’ Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha has many significant temples that date back from 8th – 10th centuries. Some temples were built under the influence of the Chedi Kingdom from the times of Mahabharata while the others were the contributions by the Mauryan Kingdom and Kalinga Dynasty. The unique designs, impressive architecture, the intricate detailing, everything about the temples in Bhubaneswar is a sight to…

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Top 5 Necessary Facts For Travelling

Some Necessary Facts For Travelling

Some Necessary Facts For Travelling If you have to go, attempt to research your spot initially and be certain they’re animal-friendly. If you are seeing a place at which you will be swimming a lot or heading out on boats, it’s advisable to carry a youngster’s life jacket for your younger children. Fly around the Earth, stopping over in each one of the places you’ve always wished to visit.  Hey, you can’t know when you’re likely to want that additional battery time, so be sure you’re prepared! If you’re going…

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Pick Your Own Malaysian Island Adventure

Malaysian Island Adventure

Malaysian Island Adventure With almost 900 islands – 878 to be exact – Malaysia has plenty of offshore attractions to compete with the best destinations in its peninsular mainland. West coast isles like Penang and Langkawi offer a compelling blend of cuisine, culture and luxury, while east coast ones are more rugged and remote, with diving, hiking and edge-of-the-map relaxation all vital reasons to visit. Best for a break from the big city: Pulau Redang Escape the urban buzz of Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with a short break on Pulau…

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