Find Yourself A Job Even After Retirement


If you have served your country enough be it in the Iraq wars, Second World War, or any other wars and now you are retired yet looking for employment, then do not worry. There are millions of veterans like you who are seeking jobs after their retirement from the defense forces. Multiple companies are set up that provide jobs especially to the veterans based on their expertise. All you have to do is look for jobs for veterans and trace the companies around you that offer such employment services. You can look through the company profile, check through the pay package and the working hours and find yourself a job!

For veteran employment, there are various career options which fit your role and will help you earn a living. You can work as a doctor, pharmacist, medical technology nurse, physician, physical therapist, respiratory therapist or healthcare management specialist. If you are specialized in a technical course and want to join the technical field, then you can work as a medical record technician or diagnostic radiologic technician. If you are interested in finance, you can join as a finance officer, budget analyst, or contract specialist. And, if you are interested in social services, then you can work as a blind rehabilitation specialist or a human resource specialist.

The various Veteran Employment Resources where you can apply are discussed in details below.


  • Rehabilitation and Employment Programs: It might happen that during your service, you have met with an accident and have acquired a disability. Do not think your career is over here. If you are disabled, you can still work in rehab programs where you can provide tuitions or supplies to the needy. You can also do clerical work of maintaining records of monthly payments or subscriptions and keep a check on assigned books and fees.
  • Education and Training Services: There is no end to learning. So, after retirement, if you wish to enhance your skills or earn an added degree, you can join any of the technical courses and fulfill your wish. The more trained you are, the better the employment opportunities you will get.
  • Private Sector Jobs: You can join in the corporate sector or federal sector by hunting down jobs, which match your qualifications and eligibility criteria. You can join in as an engineer, technician, and resume builder or as a skilled translator. Even if you are a woman, there are various jobs available for you too, post your retirement. You can hunt them down and join a company, which meets your need.
  • Healthcare Sector: This sector provides the largest job opening for all the veterans. If you are interested in medical service, there are ample opportunities for you. You can join in as a doctor or help the hospitals with their administration and management.

You can apply for all these positions by dropping your application at the nearest regional office that hires veterans for employment purpose. Or, you can mail them your application directly. It will take you some time to adjust from a service life of discipline and punctuality to a civilian job, but nothing is impossible if you genuinely try!

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