How to Delete your Website’s Google Search History Very Quickly

Google Search History

We are living in a digital world and with no doubt, it comes with lots of benefits. When we are online, we are exposed to billions of people we even don’t know. Online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. all get hacked sometimes keeping the user exposed to hackers. With this, the information of users is in hands of a third person that needs to be stopped.

In this situation, people are very concerned and want to minimize their online exposure. Companies are also taking steps to protect their user privacy. One of the ways to control your online information is to minimize the ways through which advertisers and various companies collect data of you and store it. To get rid of this, delete your Google web browser history and Google search history. This is one of the ways to have control of how much data will be collected about you. Furthermore, even if you are using Google’s incognito web you are still not completely hiding your online presence.

Recently, Google has made the ways of deleting search history easy due to previously occurred privacy scandals. Now the users will have the option to remove all the previous queries without leaving search. In the past, users have to move on to the account landing page for deleting search history.

Now, we will be discussing the steps through which you can delete your search history with ease:

Step 1: Opening History Menu

Open the history menu. For viewing web history, click on the present on the right corner of the window. You get a drop-down menu and there you will find the History. Then click on History or you can even press Ctrl+ H on your keyboard.

(Click —> Click History or Ctrl + H)

Step 2: Search History

Clicking on the history you will get the details of all the searches you have done. The searches will appear according to the time, date, and days in a tab. In addition, if you are searching for something specific you can even search that in the search history box present on the top. You will see on the right side of each entry. Clicking on it you will get a drop-down menu with other options. You can see all pages in the web history for that particular website and option of removing that entry from the web history.

(Click —> Search History list —> Click For more option)


Step 3: Clearing your Google Chrome History

When you want to clear your browsing history, see on the left you will see an option of “Clear browsing data”. Clicking on it you will get a box where you can select the time how far you want to delete the search history from the list in the box. Below you will see boxes with information. You can tick the browsing history box and can untick the passwords or cookies if you want to sign in quickly next time when using the browser. After this click on “Clear data” button and your data will be removed Just like as I always use to do for my website Topnotch IT to check the updated results on Google.

(Click Clear browsing data—> Select time —> Tick or untick the boxes —> Clear data.)

This was a brief stepwise guide for deleting your website’s Google search history. Most of the people don’t realize the need of deleting the search history. They don’t do for getting to a website directly from history instead of searching again. This practice saves the time but as said earlier being online your search can put you in a problem and can raise the issue of privacy. With the help of your information, you can get hacked or your information can be saved by others. Recently, many cases were highlighted in the past so now Google has made the process of deleting the history with other options. You can select them according to your preference.

Furthermore, if you are frequently using different platforms, then it is recommended to stay updated about their latest changes they make in their system. They inform their user via email or send a notification. You need to keep track of that notification. Most of the time the updates are related to the changes regarding privacy and safety policy. Companies might have added safety features to offer you more protection and privacy. Stay connected!

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