How to Properly Warm Up Your Tires

Warm Up Your Tires

You just bought the best motorcycle cruiser tires and are excited to take them for a spin. The first order of business: getting them warmed up. If you are like most riders, chances are you either don’t know how to do this or have heard old myths about the process. Below is some helpful information to guide you in properly warming up your new street motorcycle tires.

What You Don’t Need To Do

Many people believe you need to scuff or rough up the surface of the tire. While this may have been useful when tires were less precisely manufactured, it simply isn’t necessary today. At best you are going to accomplish nothing, and, at worst, you could damage the tire.

Additionally, you don’t need to weave back and forth as you warm the tires. Riders mistakenly believe they are warming up the full surface of the tire. In reality, this is not generating much heat and is actually quite risky. You are expecting your cold tires to grip well before they are properly up to temperature.

What You Should Do

If you are about to go for some track time, try to spend at least an hour on the tires beforehand getting them warmed up. Use bursts of acceleration and braking to warm the tires as efficiently as possible.

After periods of intense usage, such as taking some laps on the track, don’t stop usage right away. Continue to lightly use your motorcycle tires to let them cool down gradually.

The same approaches are true for street tires as well. Simply take your bike for a spin, gradually working up to more intense acceleration and braking.

Get Started With New Tires

A new set of racing or street motorcycle tires can bring new life to your bike. You may be surprised how significantly tires can impact your riding experience. Alternatively, try some new accessories or aftermarket mods. The opportunities for customization are endless. Get started wrenching on your bike today.

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