Keep Your Guest Happy And Satisfied Four Basic Things Every Hotel Must Offer Guests

Offer Guests

In the past few years, the hotel industry has experienced a rapid change with the cutting edge and offer Guests innovative technology being used for creating an “awesome guest experience”. There are numerous hotels out there offering exceptional services to the guests.  No matter how much the hotel industry innovate, there are still some “basic” things that every guest expect to get into a hotel room. Both hoteliers and hotel employees should focus on getting basics in a tip-top shape before offering any type of service of the guests. With evolving guest expectations and emerging technologies, every hotel should play smart in an attempt to stay current with all guest needs

So, if you are a hotelier, then this blog is for you. Below listed are the few basic stuff that every hotel must offer the guests.


Well, this is an understatement. Your guest does not only need a wifi connection, but they want the whole family of wifi connection, wherever they go. In this digital world, almost everyone uses the internet at all times, so every hotel should provide their guests with the basic feature. Guest at all types of hotels or guest rooms expect some level of connectivity, but business hotels should offer the highest level of internet service. A few luxury hotels, almost every guest expect to get complimentary internet access. Today, free WiFi has become a necessity for people.

Offer Guests


Hotel complimentary toiletries are just like salt in food, that means these items should always be offered for free to the guests and should be given more when they ask for it. In case the guests have forgotten their toiletry case and hotel staff must be able to provide them with a complimentary toothpaste and toothbrush with other toiletries for example shampoo, conditioner etc.


This is a major issue for concern across many hotels and guests room. Offer Guests There are a few hotels that do not offer adequate lighting in their hotel rooms and even in bathrooms, it can be a big hassle for the guests. On the other hand, improved lighting can serve to improve the overall experience of the guests, thereby offering them a sense of security and safety.


While some people entertain themselves with their mobile phones, few love to turn on the television in order to relax and get entertain after a long day. That’s the reason a hotel room should have a music player and an in-room TV of a decent size, so the guests can get entertained in a comfortable and relaxed manner.


Since a hotel is a place away from home, so it’s important for every hotelier and hotel employee to recognize the expectations of guests and provide a service that meets these expectations.

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