Let Goa Happen To You This Monsoon!


“The tan fades, but the memories remain”-The quintessential sunbathing scenes at the beaches can pretty much be maneuvered if you visit Goa in the monsoons. Nope, it’s not at all the messy rains that you get to witness in the city monsoon scenes. In fact, it’s the absolute romantic and aesthetic backdrop to rejuvenate your relationships and your long-drowned-in-the-city-chaos soul. Also, the watersports like jet ski in Goa are never to be missed. So, here we are highlighting a handful of things that you should look forward to and for which you absolutely should make Goa happen to you this monsoon.

  1. No crowd more peace:

When it comes to Goa, people say this place never sleeps; be it late in the night or the wee hours, one can never find the beaches void of human life. Since most people go by the trend and follow the myth that Goa isn’t much fun in the monsoons, it is bliss to visit this place at this time when you can enjoy the aesthetics of nature and party with your private group without booking any private venues owing to the minimal crowd around. This is certainly a special alert for the honeymooners and the photography buffs.

No crowd more peace

  1. Your stay and travel get done in half the tariff:

 Beginning right with the airfares or bus tickets, the tariff of star hotels to the travel cost within Goa- there’s a huge discount on each and every bit of it. Getting a sea-view from the cozy bed isn’t going to burn holes in your pockets. You can ride a scooter or drive around the calm streets and forts with your friends and enjoy the rains. Yet another bonus is the cheaper rate of various water sports like river rafting in Goa, without which your Goa trip remains incomplete.

  1. Dudhsagar Falls – a thunderous beauty:

The Dudhsagar Falls is a beauty in the monsoons, swollen up to its full. Even the least proximity to the falls will render you all drenched. This is one of the best sights ever you will get of the Dudhsagar Falls in the entire year.

Dudhsagar Falls

  1. Goan cuisine- the ultimate bliss for your taste buds:

“Crispy fries served with a spicy dip” is the first thing that crosses our minds with the very first showers of monsoon. Well, with the Goan cuisine served smoky hot, monsoon cannot get better. The Indonesian fried rice NasiGoreng served with the flavors of Goa is the ultimate bliss for your taste buds, and also, order the Goan fish curry to make it a complete platter.

  1. Colors of Goa come alive in the monsoon festivals:

The winter carnival is not all Goa has to offer to you. A whole lot of Goan festivals await you in the monsoons as well. Among all other festivals, the Bonderam festival in August dots the Divar Island with colorful blossoms and flags and the crowd is enchanted with the lively performances by Goan bands.

So, don’t settle for any less with your monsoon plans and make Goa happen as your budget trip this monsoon!

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