List Of Things You Can Do With An ITunes And Amazon Gift Card

Gift Card

I will take this two gift cards one after the other. So you really have to be patient about what it can do for you. Because I’m going to teach you what to add values. Hey, wait doesn’t sell your iTunes gift card yet, I have to tell you something that helps and what you can do with your iTunes card and get rewarded for it.

What Are iTunes Gift Cards Really Used For?


If you are wondering what you can do with it then there is really no wide range to it than you thought of. iTunes gift card is used to download music, books, song, apps and even more from the Apple store.

What Can You Do With An iTunes Gift Card

If you have an iTunes card of face value $5 – $1000 and you are wondering what to do with it.

You can do two things;

  1. Sell unused iTunes Gift Card: When selling, be sure to be extra careful as you might end up getting scammed. So if you want to sell your iTunes gift card, make sure;
    – You sell it physically
    – Trade with trusted websites
  2. Use it Yourself: You have a favorite game to play, an app to use, movie to watch, music to stream and books to read, why not load the card into your iTunes account.

And you will be using it whenever you need any of your favorite things online that way it would be easy to use them whenever you feel the pressing need to do.

You will be glad you did.

What You Don’t Know An Amazon Gift Card Can Do For You

Ever heard of Amazon – That great online store? They also have gift cards too and there is a whole lot you can do with their gift cards.

I’m going to show you two of them as fast as I can in less than two minutes.

Note: You are not paying for the information I’m about to show you so keep cool. There is a wide range of things you can spend your Amazon cards on, which I’m going to show you.

About Amazon

Did you know is the world’s third-largest information technology company by revenue?

And the CEO is also one of the richest people in the world. I’ll teach you how to catch on these fortunes and become rich as well.

What Many People Don’t Know They Can Do With Amazon Gift Cards

If you have Amazon cards, I told you earlier that there is a wide range of market to it than you know or ever thought of. Which are;

  1. Dispose of By Selling: Do you have an unused card and you are considering it another useless thing added to your bin? you have a wrong perspective about it then. If you want to know how much is an Amazon gift card when converted to cash then you have to try it our first. But, all I care about is you making profits and I know you are going to make profits for sure. So keep calm and continue reading this article. But before selling, make sure you are selling to a well researched Thirds party website as most websites are actually a scam. Then be sure of making good cash from what you think is unimportant.

Isn’t that cool?

  1. Use Yourself And Make Money: There is some cheap stuff on Amazon that can let you make a whole lot of dollars. Just by shipping them at low prices and selling them for higher prices (Drop Shipping).

Amazon gift card is not a waste if you have it.

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