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Are you shifting to a new place? Then you are probably wondering about what you should be doing to your previous place. Selling your old house can get you an immense amount of money quickly and will be the easy way out. But renting your place can get you a lot of profit than that. You will be getting money every month from the renters and the house is still your property, so can sell it any time you want if you need that kind of money. Renting your house and becoming a landlord can turn out to be very lucrative. But the most important job before you rent out your property is to prepare it for the rental.

Nowadays many people, especially the people who move to different locations quite frequently prefer renting their accommodations. This drastically increases the total number of renters in the world. The advertisement is the key. You will find numerous ads for pre leased property in Faridabad. The number of renters is constantly increasing. This provides an opportunity for many to rent their property and earn money without actually having to do any work.

leased property

But before you actually start advertising for renting your property, take some time to properly prepare your place for rental. Follow the given steps to ensure that your house attracts premium tenants.


  1. Inspect your home when your home is totally empty, inspect it thoroughly for any kind of problems and address them immediately if you find them. The potential problem areas include clogged gutters, leaky roof, faucets, and pipes with leaks, cracks in the driveway, burn out light bulbs and electrical outlets. Also, remember to check whether your floors are sound or not.
  2. Safety a home needs to be an absolute place of safety for a person. Your tenants will be more at ease if you provide the place with ample safety. All the smoke detectors should be working in good condition and the kitchens should be provided with fire extinguishers. If you are planning to rent only a part of your home then you need to properly separate and secure it from the rest of the house.
  3. Clean up the biggest turn off for potential renters is a dirty place. No one will want to rent a place which is presented dirty by the owners. So keep everything clean from floor and windows to carpets and blinds. Remove any kind of stains from your carpets. Repainting your walls to a neutral color also helps the place look much cleaner and brighter.
  4. Evaluate your furnishings if you are putting a furnished house for sale then you need to keep the furniture and appliances clean too. All of the appliances and furnishings should be in good condition. The rental price needs to be boosted according to the kind of furnishings you provide.

Inspect your home

For more help, you can consult with professionals. Any pre leased property consultant in Faridabad or any other place will be able to help you present your property in the best way possible to the potential tenants so that you get the best deal.

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