These Mumbai Street Food is Bliss!!

Street Food

Mumbai is famous for its Street food. The street of Bombay serves the variety of cuisine and people loves to have that food. Be it Mumbai’s famous VadaPav or the Spicy Bhelpuri. There is every kind of dishes you will get on the street in Mumbai and trust me you will fall in love with it. Here is a list of some of the best street food in Mumbai.

  1. Anand Stall, Vile Parle West:

This stall is basically famous for its tasty VadaPav. The VadaPav is made up of the mixture of Garlic, chilies and coriander. It is then dipped in the chickpea flour and fried till it turns Golden. The filling is then placed inside the pav and then it becomes the best VadaPav. Anand Stall serves more than 50 varieties of Dosas. Cheese Dos is the most famous. If you head towards this place then you must have the Schezwan Cheese Grill VadaPav, Cheese SadaDosa, Paneer Cheese Dosa, Open Cheese Mysore Dosa.

  1. Narayan Dosa:

Located opposite Opera House this place may not be spacious but the customers love to have the Palak Paneer Dosa. This food is made by filling the creamy and garlicky palak with the crunchy dosa. This filing also includes the chunks of Paneer. The garlic chutney and the Coconut chutney is cherry of the cake.

Aaswad, Dadar West

  1. Aaswad, Dadar West:

The fresh Farshan and the in-house made spices are the secrets of the tasty food of this stall. The MisalPav of Aaswad has won the “World’s tastiest Vegetarian Dish” award at the Global Foodie Hub Awards In London. This is one of the most popular spots where you can get the tastiest vegetarian Maharashtrian dishes.

  1. Kailash Parbat, Colaba:

The Ragda Patties of this place will give your taste buds something which you will remember for life. This local food is worth eating. The ragda is made by soaking white peas overnight in water and then it is mashed with different spices. If you head towards this place then you must have RagdaPattice, Delhi Chaat, PaniPuris, Dahi Wada, Special Dahi puri, and FaloodaKulfi.

Kailash Parbat, Colaba

  1. Amar Juice Center:

The Bombay Sandwich is the dish is very special for all the Mumbaikars. The street food of Mumbai is not just unhealthy food, it also includes food like Sandwich which you will get the best at Amar Juice center. This special sandwich is made up of cucumber, potato, tomato, onion, beetroot, capsicum, chutney, and cheese. This gives you the perfect sandwich to eat.

So these are the list of some quirky street food eateries which you must visit. These eateries will give you the best food in the town. This food joint serves tastier food than big restaurants. If you want to eat the best sweet then you must visit Hyderabad. Hyderabad gives you the best sweets which you can enjoy. There are many sweet shops in Hyderabad. These best sweet shops in Hyderabadis a must visit.

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