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Nepal is a combination of old history, lively societies, and grand quality. Situated amongst China and India, Nepal’s mainland highlights include snow-topped pinnacles, bring down mountains, slopes and lavish Terai plains of tropical jungles. About 33% of the aggregate length of the Himalayas and 8 of the world’s 14 most noteworthy pinnacles are in Nepal. The landlocked nation covers a territory 147,181 sq. kilometers ranging from 70 meters to the most astounding point at 8848 meters above ocean level. In this way, Nepal’s notoriety as a tourist destination has increased significantly finished the years. While trekking and mountaineering have for quite some time been famous, a whole scope of different exercises is completed. With the assortment of experience choices, the nation is a most loved among enterprise sweethearts.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal isn’t just strolled to mountain yet additionally a brilliant chance to have an immediate perspective of lovely places, lakes, streams, sanctuaries et cetera. In addition, one can even get a chance to comprehend the general population’s way of life over yonder. Individuals, for the most part, incline toward Nepal trekking to invigorate their mind and they need to be free from the weight of their work for a brief span. So the demonstration of trekking is anything but a typical tack yet an infrequent. They wish their intermittent trekking would be brimming with refreshing and loaded with happiness. For, this the vast majority of the general population pick Nepal is a great destination for trekking.


Pinnacle climbing in the Nepal Himalayas is an existence time dream for some mountain climbers. Climbing in Nepal ended up famous after the principal rising on Mount Everest in 1953. Since 1978, the NMA has been issuing a grant for little scale endeavors on 18 crests that are known as “Trekking Peaks”. Getting an allow for top climbing is significantly less demanding and less expensive than expedition allows The climbing treks will be driven by our Sherpa Sardars, a large number of whom have climbed Mt Everest and other Himalayan Peaks



Rafting is a standout amongst the most exciting methods for exploring the niches and crevices of Nepal. Choices run from paddle rafting as a group to extravagance safari-style trip where the staff is given to deliver the gathering needs to kayaking alone in the waters. However, another amazingly famous water-sport choice is canyoning to investigate concealed scenes. The best time for these exercises is October through nid-December and March through early May. The administration has opened areas of 16 streams reviewed on a size of 1 to 5 for business rafting. Since well-being is of most extreme significance, choosing veteran rafting organization is an astute move. It is additionally critical to watch all the wellbeing standards and precautionary measures while on the pontoon.

Nepal Tour

Settled in the midst of the compelling Himalayas, Nepal is known for its rich culture, custom and a portion of the most astounding mountain tops on the planet that includes Mt. Everest, the highest mountain crest on our planet. With our gathering of Nepal tour bundles, you can go to the best tourist spots in Nepal to get the vibe of picturesque excellence, nearby culture and convention and unspoiled environment minus all potential limitations.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari does not simply involve exploring the jungles of a specific district. The alternatives can involve national parks and natural life havens and in addition defensive stores. What’s more, you can choose wild camping and in addition, nature strolls as well. All things considered, saying hi to Mother Nature in the most ideal ways. Staying in the jungle lodges given by the different backwoods offices within the haven zones is additionally the piece of this safari bargain and the most ideal way you can make the most of your vacation to hang out in the Jungle zone, unwind and do nothing.


Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour in Nepal offers you the magnificent delight of feeling while at the same time flying over the unending chain of snowcapped crests with the mists, ice sheets, lakes, streams, and crevasses from the straightforward individual window of your flight. Heli-tour will be the magnificent chance to have the photo of the elevated perspective of the Kathmandu Valley and the scenes of Nepal from the unmistakable, non-tinted window within a brief span.

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