Top 10 Islands To Visit in The Philippines


The Philippines- the country of the island is also known as Tropical Island. The country boasts roughly 7100 islands, and to narrow it down to top 10 islands is a difficult task. The country is vast, beautiful, unique, and filled with genuine and friendly people. There are some islands that are well connected with airports and other modes of transport so they are easily accessible, others have pebbles and dust, and some have a mall and picnic spot and lots of restaurants, while some only have small shops offering sodas. The variety of island this nation has is impeccable, and every island is beautiful, magnificent and breathtaking in itself. So, check out the list for 10 top islands to visit in the Philippines that are rich in white beaches, marine life, rice terraces and etc.

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Here are the top 10 island you must visit:

  1. Luzon- the largest island

This is the largest island in Philippine, and the capital city of Manila is also on this island. Luzon is well connected to the international airport through the south side, and on the north side is the highway. Local transport is also available so it’s well connected to other areas. The island is highly populated and is home to some beautiful and magnificent mountains, beaches, coral reefs and Spanish colonial landmarks. The place is full of spots for adventure lover, Banaue’s rice paddies have a great trek for hiking through local villages, San Philippe is a great place to surf while Donsel is great if you want to sea dive with whales.

Luzon- the largest island

  1. Boracay- the party island

 This is a small island 315 km away from Manila. Since it doesn’t have its own airport, people usually fly to Caticlan Airport and take local boats and speedboats to reach Boracay which is 15 minutes away from there. The island has beautiful white sandy beaches, great beaches, and hotels and a wide range of water sports for adventure lovers. It has 12 beaches and the most popular ones are the white beach and Bulabog. The sunset here is beautiful and in evening the party officially begins with live music and fire dancers.

  1. Palaui- the cleanest island

 The Palaui Island is the quietest and cleanest island, steeping here would feel like you are the first person to come here. You can reach here by taking a bus from Manila, also boats and ferries play a huge role in reaching there. It has deserted beaches, caves, crystal clear waterfalls and the air which is the cleanest to breathe. The steep cliff here is filled with green grass which looks mesmerizing and beautiful. The nature lovers will have a blast here with hiking through jungles and green rice fields or playing on the white shore.

  1. Siargao- the best surf break island

In the province of Surigao del Norte, resides the teardrop-shaped island known as Siargao 800 km away from Manila. It has an airport and is also connected through ferries from Cebu and Manila. The famous surf break, cloud 9 is here and this island is known for its surfing activities among others. To explore the green island, either rent a scooter or private cabs; Taktak falls and Magpupungko Rock Pools are the favorite visiting spots. Santa Monica Pier has the best sunset, and naked and Daku Island is the best place for fresh seafood.

Siargao- the best surf break island

  1. Bohol- island of chocolate hills

This is located in the central Philippines near Cebu. It is easily reachable by air and boat. It has around 1229 hills all uniform in shape and looks wither green or brown according to the season. The main attraction of Bohol is the chocolate hills and nearby tarsier sanctuary- tarsier is smaller species of monkey are very rare to find. The other fun activities are motor-driving through the island, visiting the bee farm, paddling, cruising, and diving.

  1. Palawan- beaches and wildlife island

Puerto Princesa is the coastal city that resides on this beach and flights land here and connects the island by ferries and taxi. It is the most beautiful island and is just a paradise on earth. It has pristine white sand, crystal clear and emerald blue waters. There are a number of wildlife and beaches that offers endless adventure opportunities. The El Nido, a jungle beach town north of Palawan and Underground River and Japanese sunken warships are some of the best places to visit.

  1. Cebu- the most accessible island

If you are on a short trip, you must fly directly to Cebu. The airport is on the outskirts of the Mactan-Cebu city and is located close to beaches, restaurants and other accommodations. You can island hop here, do snorkeling and watch raw urchin from the bottom of the sea. There are many local watersport companies that will take you for parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating. Here you can go swimming with wild sharks and sea the sun shines clearly through the clear water of Tumalog falls- a 5 story natural waterfall.

Cebu- the most accessible island

  1. Bantayan- for reconnecting

This island is beautiful where you can explore, get lost and just reconnect with Earth. It’s a sprawling island that has not been overdeveloped and you can visit tropical trees in its natural form. You can go cliff diving here, explore the jungles with a motorbike and watch the nature at its best and raw form. It’s near Cebu and can be reached from there via ferries.

  1. Modessa – the island for snorkeling

It’s a private island is 2-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. It is the official reef island situated east of Palawan.  It is the best place for snorkeling with gorgeous coral fish and other marine animals.Diving is another option for water sports loving people.

  1. Coron- for wreck exploring

Coron is the place if you love history and want to explore the shipwrecks of the Japanese ship from World War 2. It has a jungle enriched Lake Barracuda and Siete PPicado’sreef for watching varieties of marine life. Snorkeling is also a good option here. Don’t know about you guys, but I am packing my bags and booking the next flight to the Philippines. Masaya paglalakbay guys!

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