Understanding The Anatomy Of Real Escape Games And Their Role In Corporate Team Building

Team Building

It all began in 1962. This was the year when the first computer game was invented. Team Building Steven Russell from MIT developed a game called Spacewar but it was never brought to the market. People became bored with their mundane routines and thus began their love for the virtual world – a fake reality. Games, Smartphones, various TV and Web Series came to their rescue. Thrilling Web and TV Series, based on crime-solving and detective work, is one of the most awaited ones of them all. For Example, a new episode of Sherlock is watched by over 8-9 million people from all over the world. This number is a count of just the first stock-viewers or enthusiastic first-day viewers. On a similar note, the average count of per-hour GTA V players is more 60000. These numbers are huge! What is the reason behind this huge following list of these Games and TV Series? On observing any popular video games, you can see that most of them are run in real-time. Team Building This means that even if you are not playing a game, it runs in the background. Players are afraid of losing their progress, are tempted to play the game at least once in a day. The difficulty level is increased gradually to keep up the interest. TV and Web Series are filled with mind-blowing turn-points, thrilling action, and a great screenplay.  The virtual world offered by these games or TV Series is relaxing and more offering. The growing love for adventure games and the thriller genre has led to the development of real-life Escape Games. Always look for online reviews before choosing a particular organizer. For Example, if you live in Calgary, search for live Escape Games in Calgary and pick the one with the best reviews.

Escape Games: When did it all begin?

Before starting with the history, let us first put the definition out. In an Escape game, the player is locked inside a room and is expected to come out of the room solving puzzles, riddles, finding clues, and designing exit strategies based on them. The first idea of Escape games was through a video game launched in 2004 called Crimson Room. The concept of real-life games is inspired by video games like this one. Escape Games are a perfect blend of game and TV Series. Team Building The only difference is that you are the main character, hero, or protagonist of the whole setup. This is what makes them fun and appealing to people of all ages and can be a perfect adventure sport. The first Live Escape Room was set up by Japanese Company names SCRATCH in 2007. The players were expected to complete tasks, solve riddles, take-up hints, and finally find the key to escape the room in the allotted period of time. The whole brain-storming makes a good amount of adrenaline rush and the participants enjoy this time to its fullest.  

Team Building

Why should you go for these Live Escape Games?

  • Not Addictive

The major problem with most of the video games and TV Series is – they get quite addictive with time. This affects the personal and professional life of an individual. Real-Life Escape Games, unlike video games, offer you with real experience at puzzle solving, and brainstorming; all happening in real-time. Team Building These live escape games thus are not addictive.


  • Corporate Team-Building

Live Escape Games, nowadays, are preferred team-building exercises in the corporate world. They can be really helpful in developing a positive problem-solving attitude among the members of your team. You can divide your employees/friends into a team of 8-12 members to make the whole process more engaging and fun. Live Escape-Games can, thus, serve as a healthy team-building exercise.

Live Escape Games

  • Safe and More Fun

There are rumors stating that these live escape games are too risky and can be dangerous. This is absolutely not true. Most of the reputed escape game organizers have a dedicated GameMaster for each game, who observes the gameplay and at times, provide you with hints. The GameMaster has full control over the game, and in any emergency situation provides you with help. This makes the whole experience quite safe and more fun than sitting at home with joysticks in your hand!

Most of the Real Escape Games let you choose from a series of difficulty levels and this provides you with options to choose from. For really competitive and fun games in your city look online, as Live Escape Games in Calgary, for the best possible options.

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