How Is Weight Gained?

Energy is required for people to survive for which you need to take calories. A healthy diet always has a good control over the human body. People who consume calorie-rich food items more than a day’s work easily gain weight. This is common among professionals who sit and work for a day.

  • In addition to this, Junk foods, snacks items, fast foods and packaged foods make the people obese thereby bringing in other health defects. Whenever there is an increase in your body weight, you should ensure that it must be within the Body Mass Index.
  • Obesity is a major health issue observed in modern days among all age groups. Health awareness campaigns, marathon games are held occasionally to engage the overweight people and its importance is spread among all youth.
  • It does not mean that only aged people would get obesity or overweight disorder. Irrespective of all age groups, it is identified as one of the most common problems faced by the majority of countries in the world.


Weight loss At home possible?

In this busy world, we don’t find time to work out exercises at the gym. In order to maintain your physique and health, it is always recommended to do daily and routine home exercises. Many professionals and businessmen are maintaining a home gym to maintain their body fitness effectively.

What do they do? They involve cardio exercises and yoga activities which does not need any gym equipment. Here, in this article, we deliver the major cardio exercises practised at home. At the starting stage, this needs a physical trainer for getting known to the rules and procedure before practising at home because there are various levels and variations available in a home exercise. You need to start with a preliminary level and then, after a thorough practice only, you can increase the tempo gradually. Time duration varies for each exercise. Although there are many workout videos available online through mobile phones,  the need for a physical trainer is unavoidable.

Indoor and outdoor Cardio exercises make you lose weight and focuses on your health improvement by burning unwanted fat. The cardio exercises provide the following benefits.

  • Heart rate rises
  • Burning of Calories

Here, some of the exercises listed below that are useful for homemakers and men and women for weight loss and fitness.

Weight loss

  • Jump ropes are nothing but skipping that helps you lose an overall weight of the body and stamina increase. Developing stamina is mandatory for a person to efficiently work for a daytime.
  • This is a basic exercise that targets the stomach, legs and butt of a person.
  • The spine has to be straight and the head should be erect.
  • Skipping ropes can burn around 200 calories in just 20 minutes.
  • Squat jumping is an exercise focussed on leg muscles. This helps to build muscle mass in the legs and also strengthens them. In order to avoid the risk of injuries, sports players do it during their practising session.
  • Belly or size of a big stomach gets reduced.
  • Toning of back muscles.
  • Jumping Lunge raises your heartbeat and shapes your thighs. Alternating the legs and lung without breaking completes one rep. Keeping the left hand near your chest and the right one at the hip, inhale and lunge forward using right leg and you can do the same using alternate legs and hands.
  • It keeps the lower body toned.
  • Jumping jacks is a cardiovascular exercise that has been followed for a long time. Before starting jacks, you have to stretch your arms and legs. Then, bend your knees and jump as high as possible.
  • It will reduce your belly fat more compared to other exercises
  • Body shape and weight will be reduced definitely.
  • Cross Jacks is an advanced level of jumping jacks. First of all, stretch your leg outwards and jump simultaneously. Secondly, your arms should go above your head crossing and thirdly, cross them in front of your hips. Inhale while jumping and exhale at the floor level during feet crossing.
  • Spot jogging is a simple exercise wherein, you can burn your calories
  • Strengthening of leg muscles
  • Body endurance strength is enhanced
  • Buying a treadmill for home and regular jogging shall also guarantee the positive need.
  • Burpees is one of the hard exercises it can burn calories effectively within 10 minutes. Although it is an effective technique, it is not preferred for beginners. It is a full body strength training exercise that keeps yourselves fit. It is hard because every part of a body involved in this exercise and you will work your arms, chest, hamstrings, abs, quads and glutes.
  • Mountain climber exercise can strengthen your muscles and enhances blood circulation. It is a quick and easy exercise done at home. A person has to lie in a plank position that is the first step.

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