What Makes John Hardy Jewelry Special?

John Hardy Jewelry

What comes to your mind, when someone says “Bali”?

John Hardy Jewelry Our mind teleports to a waterside land, and calming vibes, warm and welcoming natives, volcano hiking, Sukawati market for traditional and handmade products and John Hardy jewelry store, for exquisite silver jewelry or we can say especially the John Hardy Jewelry Store.

The founder, John Hardy, originally a Canadian artist, set up a jewelry store of silver jewelry that has the perfect blend of Indonesia’s rich history and the need for sustainable manufacturing. This handcrafted jewelry despite being contemporary, reflect traditional Balinese aesthetics in abundance. Although an acclaimed name in the international silver jewelry market and need no well-explained reason to  purchase it, if you still need one, let us give you five reasons as to why you should invest in one of

John Hardy Exquisite silver piece:

There is no shortage of silver jewelry designers in the world. There have been many silver jewelry designer before John Hardy. Then what makes him stand out from the crowd?

  • Well, every beautiful piece that he designs and creates is his way of giving back to the community. With his profound respect for Balinese culture, artistry, and nature, these magnificent jewelry pieces are mostly created by local. It is John Hardy way of generating and promoting employment in communities of Bali through his “Jobs For Life” program.
  • Every John Hardy ring, necklace, pendant you get so bemused with, is a result of him being mentored by the goldsmith of the Royal Court in Bali.

John Hardy Jewelry



  • He still uses and promotes one of the oldest jewelry designing technique in Bali, ukiran. It focuses on etching the cutwork on the inner surface, creating a back grill. The designs are abstract and mostly figurative like this. This designing procedure makes the jewelry beautiful from inside as well as outside.
  • His dedication towards creating and promoting a sustainable system can also be seen in the sourcing of materials. All the gorgeous silver jewelry comprises of 100 % reclaimed gold and silver, with the stones being conflict-free.
  • To reduce their carbon footprints as much as possible and contribute to a healthy environment, John Hardy has established a campaign “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo.” For every piece purchased from his Bamboo Collection, a bamboo seedling is planted on the island to restore and conserve its natural resources.

There is a limited store of authentic John Hardy Store in the world, making it susceptible to imitation, considering the difference in demand and easy access. Instead of wandering in the shops and showroom and being dumped into purchasing imitation jewelry, we would suggest you buy an excellent piece of John Hardy Silver Jewelry from credible online sources at the right price and contribute towards a sustainable planet. But you must be cautious while shopping online as well. Make sure you only purchase from reputed names acclaimed for their premium quality products. There are jewelry stores that also offer price matching challenge and free inspection along with cleaning service, post-warranty period.

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