Why Is Driver Safety More Important Than Your Vehicle?

Driver Safety

The driver safety must be considered seriously by the businesses and car manufacturers

Almost all the businesses across the world which use vehicles to deliver services to their end users, they rely on drivers more than anything else so this importance of the driver creates a great need of his safety on the road. It is important to pay attention to the driver safety to keep delivering your services at the best. The most business involved in distribution businesses, delivery and transportation and even those who have fleets of vehicles, more often send their drivers out on the road. For these businesses, this road trip could be for attending a meeting, delivering a product, making a sale visit, or distributing goods to the clients. In any case, listed, drivers come in direct relation to the road and heavy traffic out there. On the other hand, it some organizations may use them occasionally, but it can be a heart of their business.

A business used as an example here, it is a flower shop in Lincolnshire. This flower shop was established in the 1970s and they deliver flowers to their clients from its two shops in the area. The shop, therefore, relies on its vehicle drivers to deliver gifts and flowers to ensure timely drop-offs in the area. To ensure timely delivery of services, it is also very important to stay out of harm’s way.

This flower shop has adopted a range of strategies and techniques to enhance the safety of its fleet and its drivers at the same time. The boss of the company explains how these services and strategies work. It is although a small business example but it is most useful to understand the importance of this topic.

Is the size of the company and fleet size matter a lot?

The actual number of fleet vehicles and their drivers is really important to make an excellent working strategy to ensure the safety of the drivers. Upon asking the boss that how many drivers and fleet you have in your company? He replied that they have fourteen permanent employees during the peak period of time especially when it is wedding season and summer season. But when the demand is high, they employ more than 50 people on temporary bases to serve the area. They have three vans and all of them are leased on full servicing contracts including tires. This strategy make sure always updated models to use and maintained on regular bases.

Driver Safety

Why is driver safety so important to your business?

Simply saying in the case of this business rely on the drivers to deliver gifts and flowers on time. It is really important for the business to keep the driver safety at first priority. Drivers are one of the success factors for the business and at the same time, they are again a big risk factor as well. Thus by no means infallible and it is the company’s prime responsibility to manage that risk exclusively to keep the processes going smoothly and the workforce at its best.


How to ensure the safety of your fleet?

There must be some strict company policies in place to make sure that the drivers are doing well. These policies especially linked to the drivers must be explained in every monthly meeting. It is also important to see all the issues and matters to help the drivers out and listen to their complaints to further refine your processes. There must be one head driver to oversee all these issues and maintain the policy and all the operational issues from vehicle maintenance to driver problems, accidents, and other concerns.

Intelligent tracker systems must be installed on the fleets

The said company has an excellent experience in the field of multi drop delivery system and couriers and their every plan and strategy is fully attuned to the company aims and vision. So just like this flower company, the driver safety must be considered as a separate business division and there must be someone answerable to the BOD for the vehicles and driver safety. It is necessary to enshrine the routine business processes when your main business is based on the deliveries and day to day driving. Some advanced technology and better communication system with the base must be used because it will further enhance the driver safety as well as the vehicle safety. For example, if your driver is far away from the base in any remote area and had a blown engine or any other major issue with the vehicle, or even he might have something wrong with him anyway, this active communication system will help the driver to call for help and assistance on time. This system will also inform any other drivers nearby and they can reach to him even earlier than a response from the base.

Driver safety


How technology encourages driver safety?

Technology helps the businesses to encourage the driver safety by covering the most of the part automatically. At the flower shop fleet of vehicles, every vehicle is equipped with an intelligent tracking system and the base office of the flower shop gets an excellent idea of the location of their drivers. This tracking system informs the base that who is the driver in charge, what is his current location and when he would reach the destination and what is the real-time traffic situation in the area. So this technology works like an advanced GPS system and integrates its actual framework with the satellite GPS. It gathers information from different sources, e.g. location and traffic stats from GPS and the rest of the information from the driver’s onboard system.  This system also provides information about the driving patterns and behaviors behind the wheel, e.g. acceleration, braking and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It also records cornering speed and driver’s attentiveness.


These trackers are excellent technological gadgets and they encourage adherence to the road laws as the company is making them even advance to follow the speed limits and read the road signs to assist the drivers. It is the best example of a driver’s safety and is implemented as a best practice. This system also informs the base office about the whereabouts in case of any accidents and breakdown evens. At the end of each day, an automatic vehicle data log generated and sent to the company’s main database. This database then further help the business to analyze the data and generate health reports for the vehicles and drivers. This way company actively detect and fix the issues with the vehicles and drivers. Dashboard cameras are also an excellent gadget for such kind of businesses, they record every activity inside and outside of the vehicle. They also help the company to analyze the human error factor in the case of a collision and they also log the location. This way this recording can be viewed by the company officials, senior drivers, and police at the scene of an accident. These cameras help them identifying that how the even was unfolded. In addition to all these features, this gadget helps the company to claim the insurance by giving an objective view of the accident.


What other strategies used to enhance fleet safety?

Apart from the technical assistance and enhancements, all drivers must be admired and guided to check their vehicles every day on regular bases. The routine checking must include tire depth, brake wear and tear, all lights and indicators, fluid levels and radiator fluid level, no vehicle heads out if they feel that something is not correct and all the problems must be dealt quickly.

Driver safety

How Have Businesses benefited from such careful attention to driver safety?

For the businesses like a flower shop or anyone in the same kind of business, the sole benefit of the driver safety is the human element and looking after the drivers as they are the valuable asset of the company and at the same time thinking about the other road users is of paramount importance to the business. It must not be negotiated.

Major aspects of the Driver Safety

There are three major aspects of driver safety in the business like the flower shop has, they include a set of strict driver policies, a person responsible and answerable. A company says that they have lost their valuable drivers in road accidents. But now if someone is willing to work with the flower shop but did not meet the requirements and safety expectations. They do not have any place in the flower shop fleet. Thirdly, use the right technology and make it even effective for the safety of the drivers.

Is your fleet in safe hands?

Whatever the size of the fleet and number of drivers, it plays to put the driver’s safety as the top priority. Not only does this ensure your people are safe and kept out of the harm and bring cost savings and saves the business from any kind of legal actions. If you talk about the vehicle safety and technology gadgets, the Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars UK is the leader of vehicle safety. They offer cutting-edge technologies and continue to focus on the cutting edge technologies even on larger vehicles. Businesses can get inspiration from this automaker to see what actually they need to make their vehicles even safer for the drivers.

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