Writing An Essay—From Start To Finish


Writing an essay demands loads of hard work. You cannot become an efficient essay writer unless you write an essay. The question is: Do you have the guts to write an essay? If yes, then it is well and good. If no, then you may be one of those writers who prefer perturbing friends by saying to them: do my essay fast or write my essay. You should try to realize that if your fellow students can write an essay, then you can also write an essay.

If you are writing an essay, then you need to take care of a few things in sequence before you begin the writing process. Here they are:

  1. First of all, you should create an environment for essay writing. So, try to eliminate distractions that may be covering your surroundings.
  2. Pick up the topic of interest if the teacher has not assigned you the topic for an essay.
  3. Come up with unique ideas for your essay, and you can produce unique ideas if you brainstorm ideas.
  4. You must create an essay outline to decide about your main and sub-points.
  5. You should conduct research after you have taken care of the main points and sub-points of an essay.


In the writing phase, you will need to write the introduction, the main body, and conclusion of an essay. In an essay introduction, you must first come up with an attention grabber, and the background information and thesis statement should be followed by the attention grabber of your essay respectively. In the main body of an essay, you should come up with evidence supporting your thesis statement. In the conclusion, you will have to summarize your findings. Do you know the secret of essay writing? In addition to writing skills, you develop skills, such as comprehension, creative thinking, analytical, and critical thinking by writing various essay types. Mention below are the skills that you acquire by writing different essay types:

  • Comprehension skills are developed if you write an expository essay.
  • Creative thinking skills are acquired if you write a narrative essay.
  • Analytical skills are attained if you write a descriptive essay.
  • Critical thinking skills are earned by writing a persuasive essay.

Last thing that you need to take care of after you have written an essay is proofreading. You should read the essay that you have written thoroughly in order to identify typographical and grammatical errors. Afterward, you should rectify mistakes (errors) that you have committed in an essay. You can also take help of peers to get your essay proofread by them. They may identify mistakes that your naked eyes may have overlooked.

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